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    We develop customized electronics

    RuGadget is a laboratory for smart electronics.
    We help to create new products and improve existed ones, automate production and business-processes. We develop solutions for retail business, healthcare, banks and other industries.
    Our interests are: Internet of Things, wearable electronics, personal gadgets and customized devices.

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    Increasing Value of Products

    We assist companies with improving their products, making them more sophisticated and increasing their customer satisfaction. This gives the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage through the creation of additional value.

    Launching Serial Products

    We help entrepreneurs to launch new products. Starting with ideas and sketches, together we create a working product, ready for serial production.

    Automation of Production

    We help to optimize production: accelerate production output, reduce costs and automate routine tasks. We analyze a company’s technological process and find a method for its improvement.

    We transfer a working product and production technology to customers

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    Industrial Design and Engineering

    Design of a product is created by two specialists: industrial designer and design engineer.

    An industrial designer analyzes how people will use the product. He conceives the control elements, and chooses the materials, which the device will be manufactured from.

    A design engineer turns the industrial designer’s concept into reality. He is responsible for function and usability of the device, its correspondence to operational conditions and preparation for mass production.

    Development of Electronic Modules

    Current devices consist of a number of elements: microprocessors, sensors, wireless and wired receiver/transmitters, actuation mechanisms.

    We take up the development of these modules - think over the circuit design, develop printed circuit-boards, prototype and tune up electronic modules.

    Modular Programming

    To make all parts of a device work they should be activated. We create microcode software and programming support for our products.

    When developing modern devices it is important to choose the best processor architecture. We work with a range of processor architectures starting with micro-consuming STM8, MSP430, CC2540 to high-processing ARM, x86, and FPGA, and use low-level weavings and Linux/Android/Windows operational systems on target devices.

    Serial Production Preparation

    Our goal is to create mass products. When starting to develop such products it is important to decide how and where they will be produced.

    From the very start, we consider time and cash expenditures for production. We design a device to facilitate mass production of all its components, we select suppliers and contractors taking into consideration logistics and component cost.

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